Absail Table Mountain

Getting ready to absail down the cliffside of  table mountain, is an absolute thrilling and unique experience.

The panoramic views of the top of table mountain, are absolutely breathtaking, we recommend that you take the hike up one of the stunning routes ranging from 2-5h depending on your fitness, you always have the option to take the cable car both ways.

The absail experience is absolutely amazing, facing down the steep cliffside of the mountain is sure to get you an instant rush of adrenalin, and with the most stunning backdrop views of the Atlantic seaboard, twelve apostels and the deep blue Atlantic ocean you are sure to have an unforgettable experience, so get your go-pros ready, the absail instructors are all trained and professional, and will make sure to give you the instructions you need before you start your descent.

Tour price


Operating time– 9.30am-3.30pm.
Weather permitting No clound or strong winds

Tour includes:

  •  Signing and harnessing up.
  •  A safety briefing.
  • Acessing the absail site.
  •  A plesant hike back to the top.

Book your tour

If you are interested in booking this tour, just write us a short inquiry with the dates you are staying at the hostel and what date you would like to go on the tour. 

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